Benefits of Cloud Services

BENEFIT                                                                            DESCRIPTION
Cost Savings                                                                    Immediate cost saving opportunity up to 50% by simply shifting basic
services into the cloud.
Productivity                                                                      Cloud services use subscription pricing models that outsource support
and maintenance to providers that have greater resources and
expertise. This allows business to free up resources and focus on core
Lower time to market, increased scalability                    Smart adoption of cloud services reduces time to market for new
products and services and allows almost limitless scalability for almost
no marginal cost. In the face of global competition reducing time to
market will be a key competitive edge for businesses.
Overcome barriers to capital and expertise                    Cloud computing can help overcome the traditional barriers companies
face through limited capital and expertise. In comparison to traditional
Information Communications Technology (ICT), cloud services can
allow businesses to acquire new capabilities at only a fraction of the cost.
Improved reliability and security                                     Cloud services offer a range of benefits including increased security, access to the latest upgrades, integrated management and backup that may not be available to organizations that are not ICT focused.
Mobility, flexibility and a platform for growth                   Mobility supports faster decisions and agile business models with a
greater potential for growth. Mobility has been identified as a key
driver of cloud service adoption. Research in 2012 found businesses
that had adopted the cloud were potentially:
• More likely to increase bottom line;
• 2Xs likely to grow their range of products and services
compared to those who had not adopted cloud; and
• 3Xs as likely to increase staff numbers in the coming year.


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